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September 1, 2014 at 3:01am
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Walk Alone- TSOL (1982)

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premiereIndoor Voices - Say (feat. Maja Thunberg)

I got a listen to some of the new songs from upcoming Auratic EP and Jonathan Relph wanted to send this new track to the world that they made with the singer from Star Horse.
He tells me they’ve worked with “probably one of my favourite bands right now. The first time I heard them I was blown away by Maja’s voice. I got in touch with them and in time, asked her to contribute a vocal to one of the songs. A few weeks ago I was messaging with Maja (on a common mobile phone messaging app) and said almost jokingly that we should make a video for “Say”. A few hours later, clips started arriving in the app and I started editing them together. Once we realized that it was going to actually look kind of cool, she sent me higher quality clips as the originals had been heavily compressed in said app.”

August 21, 2014 at 5:03am
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Artist: The Auteurs
Everything You Say Will Destroy You
Album: After Murder Park
Year: 1996

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I spit out the window! You call this rain?!

August 18, 2014 at 2:52am
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Wuthering Heights — China Drum

Taken from the Can’t Stop These Things single.

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Great Vancouver Things #5 - The Modernettes, ‘Static’

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"If the cliffs were any closer,

the water wasn’t so bad,  

I’d dive for your memory, on the rocks and the sand…”

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August 17, 2014 at 4:48am
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"Romance and Adventure" by Allo Darlin’ // We Come From the Same Place (Out October, 2014 via Slumberland)

This October sees the return of the London based indie poppers Allo Darlin’ who will release their new LP, We Come From the Same Place through the always reliable Slumberland Records. In the two years since the band last dropped some of their lovely, sophisticated pop gems, the band has underwent some life changes (marriage, moving, success), and in turn have developed a more mature, nuanced sound. The first single is the jangle pop beauty, “Romance and Adventure”, which carries a propulsive energy that serves the tracks’ breathless romanticism well. Of course, fans of the band’s earlier material won’t be left out in the cold, as the band’s infectious melodies and dreamy pop production are still front and center. Highly recommended for fans of Belle & Sebastian, Camera Obscura, and El Perro del Mar.

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Kitchens Of Distinction- The 3rd Time We Opened the Capsule

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London newcomers Omi Palone drop their self-titled debut on April 14 through the ever reliable Faux Discx. The lead single from the album, the frantically energetic Shallow Divide, sounds almost like a post-rock take on Parquet Courts’ Borrowed Time. Check it out.

Stream and download Shallow Divide above. Pre-order the album here.

these guys are good